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BioMedical Focused Faculty

Sex Differences & Precision Medicine

Tulane holds one of the only Centers of Sex-Based Biology & Medicine in the United States. The center focus is to understand and implement the sex differences that drive certain diseases and conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and COVID. These findings will push the research and development of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics specifically tailored to the patient's sex, opening the door for radically improved health outcomes.

Immunology and Microbiology: Vaccine Biology

A rich history of cutting-edge infectious disease research is elevated by vaccine biology, including how pathogens stimulate the immune system to make more effective vaccines. Our adjuvant research program is augmented by a National Primate Research Center, home to an array of infectious disease research in HIV/AIDS, emerging viral infections, and vector-borne diseases.

Ultrasensitive and Infectious Disease Diagnostics

A modern twist to infectious disease research applies cutting-edge highly sensitive diagnostics to diseases like COVID-19, Tuberculosis, Lyme Disease, CMV, and more.

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Biology of Emerging Infectious Disease

Always on the frontlines to develop a deep scientific understanding of the biology of newly-emerged infectious diseases, including COVID-19, Zika, Hantaviruses, and HIV.

Neuroscience: Memory, Cognition, and Aging

An interdisciplinary approach to neuroscience that focuses on cognition and the aging process, in addition to having a strong history of studying the role of hormones in the brain.

Preclinical Models of Disease: Small Animals to Non-Human Primates

Leveraging our National Primate Research Center, we develop small and larger animal models for a variety of disease states - especially infectious diseases.

Biomedical Engineering: Mimetic Organ Systems

Bridging the gap between cell culture and animal models, mimetic organ systems bring the true-to-life behavior of in vivo models to the speed and efficiency of in vitro methods.

Vascular Biology and Disease: Neurovascular Biology

A strong expertise in vascular biology combines with interdisciplinary programs examining diverse topics like the role of estrogen in CV health and the biology of irregular heart rhythms. By collaborating with our approach to neurovascular disease, cutting-edge clinical care is paired with advaced basic research in vascular disease and the brain. Our neurovascular research centers on early warning genetic changes, as well as the role of the extracellular matrix.

Oncology: Breast and Prostate Cancer, DNA Damage and Repair

Cancers are driven by genetic changes that cause uncontrolled cell growth. Our basic cancer biology research centers on understanding the biology behind DNA damage/repair and genomic instaibility. This includes the role of BRCA in senescence, retrotransposon-mediated instability, and the role of polymerase enzymes. Historic strengths include Prostate and Breast cancer focused on areas of unmet need, i.e: triple-negative breast cancer and castration-resistant prostate cancer.

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James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP

Chief Strategy Officer


James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP, (’95, Tulane Law) returned to Tulane in 2015 after establishing the open science functions for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus, one of the most innovative experiments in scientific research. His career also includes functioning as a chemist for Rhône-Poulenc Rorer, launching the “new media” division for the syndicated daily news show EXTRA, elevating knowledge transfer and corporate partnerships at the University of Illinois, and founding the Innovation and Engagement functions at the University of Louisville. With a career defined by creating new divisions that propel organizations forward, he could not pass up the chance do so for the institution (and in the city) that is always closest to his heart. As Chief Strategy Officer, he serves as the principal biotech business development strategist and connectivity officer to industry, venture capital and other external collaborators; as well as overseeing marketing & communications, working on change-oriented special projects, and crisis management. Currently on the executive committee of the AAIH Board and co-chair for BIO's technology transfer committee, his former service includes Chair of the Board of ATTP (the international organization for knowledge transfer professional accreditation), as well as the Boards of AUTM, NACRO and The BioJudiary Project. Seeing the world through the collaborative and forward-thinking lens of “What if we…”, he works closely with all other departments at Tulane to develop win-win endpoints and ensure an optimal enterprise experience.

Elaine Hamm, PhD

Executive in Residence


Elaine Hamm, PhD, is the CEO of the pharmaceutical accelerator, Ascend BioVentures where she manages early stage life science startups and evaluates the commercial potential of life science technologies, and as the Executive in Residence for the Tulane SoM she shares her expertise to elevate the connectivity between the Tulane and our corporate and investor community. Prior to joining Tulane and Ascend BioVentures, Dr. Hamm was the COO of Accele BioPharma and served as management for a portfolio of early stage pharmaceutical companies ranging from diabetes to hearing loss to infectious disease. Dr. Hamm has 13 years of professional leadership experience in the commercialization of early stage pharmaceutical therapeutics and diagnostics with experience in technology transfer, market analysis, and commercialization of preclinical and clinical stage products. She has designed and served as the Director for several, statewide start-up accelerator programs. Dr. Hamm also has experience in equity and nonequity funding of early stage companies and has been directly involved in closing almost $30M in equity investment deals, with a focus in the pharmaceutical industry and recently closed a $100M+ deal with a large pharmaceutical partner. In addition to her commercialization experience, Dr. Hamm has also worked a Senior Protein chemist in discovery and pre-clinical development of new chemical entities. Dr. Hamm received her PhD in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma and holds several licensed US and International patents.

Carolyn Scofield, MPS

Asst. Director, Marketing & Communications


Carolyn Scofield, MPS, (’21, Tulane School of Professional Advancement) joined Tulane University in 2015 after more than 14 years as a television news reporter. Her initial role in public relations often brought her to the School of Medicine to cover stories about groundbreaking research and connect media with leading experts. As the Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications at the School of Medicine, Carolyn is continuing that work overseeing the team that reports on research and expertise and ensures that departments, programs and people share their discoveries and solutions with the world. She has a special talent for bringing science to life through a variety of media and ensuing that everyone (from business development executives to the general public) can understand what the latest groundbreaking research at Tulane could mean for them. Carolyn has a master’s degree in emergency management, a field that studies everything from natural disasters to reputational crises. She has an extensive background in television and radio broadcasting, journalism and social media.

Nicholas Pashos, PhD

Entrepreneur in Residence


Nicholas Pashos, PhD, Founder and CEO at BioAesthetics is the Entrepreneur in Residence, Advising Faculty, Staff and Students on how to best achieve their Entrepreneurial goals.

Alexis Ducote, PhD

Business Development Associate


Alexis Ducote, PhD, joins the Business Development team from the lab of the SoM's own Ricardo Mostany, PhD.

Eric Malamud

Business Development Fellow


Havland Alexander

Business Development Intern



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