How We Work


The Office of Research Business Development Connects investigators with Industry and other private collaborators. We offer guidance and support before, during and after the project.  We work in tandem with the Offices of Technology Transfer and Sponsored Projects Administration to help internal and external stakeholders access our rich expertise, explore research models and translate any unique discoveries into products and services that will transform the medical community.


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Promote Tulane’s value to the community by identifying opportunities for collaborations and facilitating efforts to bring breakthrough healthcare innovations to the market.


Our vision is to serve as the single gateway for business interactions that advance Tulane’s long term strategic goals.


We serve as the concierge entry point to working with the Tulane School of Medicine and the Tulane National Primate Research Center, and can also assist you with accessing any other aspects of Tulane in line with your organizational strategy.


In addition to the depth of research at Tulane, we engage with our regional colleagues to make sure we put together the optimal business development package for your organization.


James Zanewicz, our Chief Business Officer, will get you where you need to go – at the speed of business. Tulane strives to become one of your preferred collaborators by providing support before, during and after the project – ensuring the process is one you will want to experience again and again.


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Industry Collaborators

For industry, we can help you identify the right Tulane investigator, resource or technology to fulfill your business need or move your initiative forward.

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Faculty & Researchers

For faculty and researchers, we can help you explore the different opportunities for your research, pinpoint relevant market demands, and identify the right business collaborators.

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Non-Profit Collaborators

For non-profit & academic collaborators, we can help you engage with Tulane to leverage our joint expertise and facilitate strong relationships.

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Collaborative Research

Contract Research

Clinical Trials

Innovative Technologies

Industry Alliances & Strategic Relationships

Faculty Consulting

Workforce Connections